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Password reset policy

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Please note that safekeeping of the password is primarily the responsibility of the user. Please be careful while entering your CSC password (see the FAQ section on my account has been hacked and somebody has misused my account for details). To discourage frivolous requests for password reset, it has been decided to impose a token processing charge of Rs. 200 for every password reset request made by a student. A one time waiver may be granted only to freshers during their first semester at IITD. This policy has been approved by the Dean, SA and Chairman, BSW and will be effective from September 1, 2011. 

While no explicit policy has been formulated for faculty and staff, the CSC would appreciate if, for the sake of uniformity, they can also follow the same procedure for password reset requests.

To make password reset requests, students will be required to fill up the form available at, and make a payment of Rs. 200 at Scoops (towards BSW funds) before presenting the form along with the receipt, in person and during office hours, at the CSC reception. They will also be required to produce their identity cards if so requested. 

In case of a repeat request within one year, a student will also be required to obtain a consent signature from his/her course advisor or supervisor. In such a case, CSC will send a copy of the form to the office of the Dean, Student Affairs and Chairman, BSW after the password reset as a routine process.

The CSC would like to point out that it is nearly impossible that a CSC account can be hacked unless a user has been careless (see the FAQ section on my account has been hacked and somebody has misused my account for details). We use the highest industry grade encryption standards for all facilities where users are required to provide their passwordss - the same that is used by most commercial banks. 

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