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Licensed Software

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CSC has so far followed the policy that licensed software that are useful Insitute-wide would be acquired, installed  and managed in CSC centrally for the use by the community. Till recently it was also part of the unwritten policy in CSC to acquire software useful to three or more Depts/Centres/Units from CSC funds. The licensed software currently available with CSC are detailed in the table below. However, in a recent change of policy, the Institute has ruled that the funds for licensed software that are required only by a few Depts/Centres/Units will have to be funded from the plan budgets of the individual Depts/Centres/Units that are interested in the Institute acquiring the software for their use.


Sl.No Description of S/W No. Of Licenses Validity Departments/ Centres Remark, If any
1 MS Campus Agreement 620 From 1-Apr-2015 to 31-Dec-2015 IIT-D User community  
2 Mathematica 50 Perpetual Licenses Perpetual IIT-D User community Perpetual
3 Matlab 150Base Licenses+ Other Tool Boxes From 1-Apr-2015 to 31-Dec-2015 IIT-D User community  
4 Cadence 20 User Licenses (Academic Suite) Order Palced on 11-Oct-2012 (Valid for 4 Yrs.) Computer Science (CS) + CARE+ Electrical  
5 Ansys 10 User Licenses Perpetual Mechanical+CIVIL+AppliedMechanics+ITTMEC+IDDC+Textile+Physics  
6 Fluent 10 Research Licenses   Mechanical+Applied Mechanics +CIVIL + Chemical  
7 Lab View (Teaching+ Student Install option) 01Large+ASL 50 Seat Concurrent Order Placed on 13-Mar-2015 Mechanical+ DBEB +Chemical S/W Licenses yet to be received
8 End Note 30 Users Perpetual Mechanical + S/W CD's received
9 Abaqus 10 Licenses From 14-Apr-2014 to 13-Apr-2015 AppliedMechanics +Mechanical+IDDC 3 Yrs. Validity
10 COMSOL 4 Concurrent User+14 FNLfor one concurrent user Perpetual Physics+IDDC+DBME Perpetual
11 INGRES ING-DB-XCORE ( 8 nos.) From 1-Apr-2015 31-Mar-2016 IIT-D User community License agreement for one year period